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Are you searching for free stock photos?

We’ve got you covered and then some.  123rf boasts over 51,000,000  (that’s 51 million!) stock images, vectors, footage and audio clips in their digital media library. They sprang to life in 2005 and today they are one of the leading media content providers.  When you are looking for free stock photos, 123rf is a great place to start.  At the time of this post, 123rf had over 40,000 free stock photos.  And if support is a big deal to you, you have no worries — 123rf has excellent customer service.  They provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Free Stock Photos

Follow this link, scroll to the bottom and you will view thousands of FREE stock images.  I’ll admit, they aren’t the most contemporary or updated photos – but I’ve found many that I have used on Facebook, blog posts and other social media channels.  Also note, if you see a free stock photo you like – save them right away versus later as many of them expire.  Chances are you are too busy to remember to go back and download the image before it’s time is up!

Another Great Tip to Reduce Costs:  Google ‘promo codes’ before purchasing from 123rf.  It’s as simple as typing, “123rf promo codes”.  There’s a good chance a promo code will pop up, and you may get free credits or discounts.

123rf Pros & Cons


  • Provides excellent customer service.
  • Houses a vast database of stock photos.
  • Uses advanced filters and search functions which will help you find specific photos.  This is a critical feature as will save you time searching for the right photo for your blog etc.
  • Offers illustrations, vectors, videos and audio files.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Offers affiliate program to anyone who applies.
  • The user can purchase credit and use them as needed.
  • Has a unique feature allowing the user to upload a picture to find similar looking images.
  • Ability to save photos to a like box.


  • I’ve had the opportunity to use and search hundreds of popular stock photo websites and less known ones too.  The biggest improvement 123rf can make, is to add more contemporary, modern photography and styled photography.
  • I wish there were an advanced search filter on the Free Stock Photos section.

Want to check out one of the web’s largest free stock photo libraries?  Click 123rf now.

Are you looking for a website with over 40,000 free stock photos?  123rf has just that!
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