Us + You

Finding Useful Tools and Resources for your Small Business Has Never Been Easier

Are you tired of searching for business tools on Google – only to be bombarded with ads and the usual suspects?

Do you want the latest business apps and tools at your fingertips? The Entrepreneurs Resource Kit gives you an incredible directory — all the FREE and paid tools and resources you need to succeed.

Who Are You?

If you are reading this page – you know exactly who you are!  However, I thought I would explain who I built this website for, and you can decide if you are a good fit or not.  

So let’s get to it!

About You!

You are a small business owner, a marketer, an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, a coach, or maybe you’re deep into writing your first book.  You have a pretty good idea that you need certain tools and biz resources to create a logo, website, spy on your competition, get and manage leads and overall run your small online business.  But, you’re not entirely sure of all the tools you should be researching, and you want to know when new tools pop up.  You’re not looking for the typical opt-ins where you get a downloadable .pdf with a list of 10-12 tools – you’re looking for a robust, information-rich directory with advanced filtering options and one that stays up-to-date.  You also might be in discovery mode – looking to discover what’s out there to help your business grow and plant seeds for your next launch or business.  

If you’re looking for a goldmine resource, a bookmark worthy collection of awesomeness — I think you may have found it in The Entrepreneurs Resource Kit.  I plan to grow and nurture this baby; this is just the start.  Hope you will come along for the journey!

Oh yeah….About Us!

First off, there’s no Us, just a Me.  I know, I know – most About pages are about the person/team who created the product or service, a nice list of their accomplishments and testimonial quotes as well.  Since this is new, I don’t have any testimonials but if you like it feel free to email me and let me know what you think.  (the good and the bad!)  I respond to all email very quickly usually with the business day.  If you’re really curious about me, my name is Chay Geauvreau (pronounced Shay Go-vrow).  I think I’m the only person in all of Google with that name – so you will see pics of me, and you can check out my Linked In (currently not very active there) but a pretty impressive resume.  But I’m sure you will head straight to the tool because it’s pretty darn cool.